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 Admission & Event Ticketing Features

Custom Ticket Templates

Custom Tickets Templates for each event. Display your logo, sponsor logos and anything else on your tickets. 

Our drag and drop ticket designer makes it simple to make beautiful event tickets.  Each type of ticket can have its own design with sponsor logos, event information, terms and conditions and more. 

Event Check-in App

Easy to use Ticketing App to check-in attendees using barcode scanners or our mobile app for Apple or Android. 

We offer professional ticket scanners for both standard barcodes and QR codes.  TixSimple woks with most all barcode scanners and you can also use our mobile app on your cell phone to scan tickets with your camera.  You can mix and match options and have scanners at multiple gates running simultaneously.  

Sell Event Tickets

Sell tickets to your events with multiple ticket types, with unique prices, cut-off dates and capacity. 

Events can be listed on a calendar or list view. You can offer different ticket types based on levels such a General Admission, VIP etc., or you can offer price breaks based on cutoff dates so you can entice people to buy early or fill remaining seats last minute.  

Offer Admission Tickets

Offer tickets for daily admission, classes or anything else it doesn’t have to be an event.

Make it easy to buy tickets for your museum, attraction or amusement.  You can scan tickets from your current computer or a simple handheld device.  You can also offer annual passes, timed based tickets or tickets that can be redeemed a certain amount of times before it expires.  

Free Tickets

Register attendees by offering free tickets for your event.  You can also use this for tracking volunteers.

With free tickets you can track people without charging them, This works well for checking in volunteers, tracking children in school or summer camps and can be linked to ID cards. 

Shopping Cart

Customers can purchase tickets to multiple of your events at once in a simple shopping cart checkout experience.  

You can advertise multiple events at once and allow customers to buy tickets to any of them all in one transaction.  

Accept Online Payments

Get your money securely direct to your own Stripe account.

Use your existing Stripe account or set-up a anew one to link with your account.  All payments go directly in to your own account. No waiting for funds to be released or after event settlements.  

Ticket Fees

You can choose to pay ticket fees or have buyers pay the fees.

All ticketing fees can be passed on to the buyer including extra fees you choose to add.  Some organizers choose to absorb the ticketing fees in to the cost of the tickets. It is up to you how you want to charge your customer.  

Ticketing Add-ons

Custom Seating Charts

Custom Seating Charts

Custom layouts to match your stadium or arena.  Buyers can pick seats with different price levels. You can also create standing room only areas or any other venue scenario

Custom Registration Forms

Custom Registration Forms

Create custom fields for the buyers to fill out upon checkout. Show these fields on tickets and show in the check-in app. 

Custom Printed Event Tickets

Custom Printed Event Tickets

Some times nothing compares to a premium printed ticket that can be used as a souvenir

Text Message Integration

Text Message Integration

Attendees can receive a text message with their ticket info and so can the event organizer

Check-In Notifications

Check-In Notifications

Attendees can receive a notification message when their ticket gets checked in. Send sponsor offers, surveys or more

Event Ticketing Website

Show your team spirit with our easy to use event website editor to showcase all your event tickets all in one place.

Custom Domain Name

Get you own custom Domain Name to brand your event ticketing website.  You can also connect your existing domain