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Lowest Costs Ticketing in the Industry

We know you do all the hard work organizing your event so you should get to keep your profits.


Only 3% +.25 per Ticket

Only 3% +.70 per Ticket

Negotiated Ticketing Fees

Free Event Tickets

Register attendees by offering free tickets for your event.  You can also use this to register volunteers for your event.

Sell Event Tickets

Sell tickets to your events with multiple ticket types.

Offer Donation Tickets

Sell tickets with a donation based price. Set a minimum donation and let your guest decide how much to give.

Offer Admission Tickets

Sell time based tickets for daily admission, tours or anything that can be chosen from a calendar. 

Instant Event Ticketing Set-up

Got an event tomorrow? Offer tickets today and don’t miss an opportunity to sell.  It only takes about 10 minutes! 

Custom Digital Ticket Templates

Custom Tickets Templates for each event. Show your logo, sponsor logos and more on digital ticket downloads

Shopping Cart

Event Manager & Custom Tickets allows customers to purchase multiple events at once in a shopping cart

Event Organizer Dashboard

Easy to use Event Organizer Dashboard for Free & Simple Tickets.  Easy Advanced Event Manager for all others

Event Check-in App

Easy to use Event Manager App to check-in attendees

Accept Online Payments

Accept payments securely when you sell tickets

Stripe Express Stripe Express

Only 2.9% +.30 per Ticket

Stripe Standard Stripe Standard

Only 2.9% +.30 per Ticket

Multiple Payment Processors to Choose From

Ticket Fees

Free Tickets never have fees!  You can choose to have attendees pay the Ticket Fee or it can come out of your cut

No Fees

Attendee or Organizer Pays the Ticket Fee

You Set Ticket Fees (if any) for the Attendee

You Set Ticket Fees (if any) for the Attendee

Set-up & Monthly Fees

Free Tickets never have fees!  We have optional upgrades for the Event Manager that have additional fees.

No Fees
No Fees

Choose add-ons to see fees

Custom Packages

Custom Seating Charts

Custom Seating Charts

You can always use ticket types to make seating areas but when you require tickets by seat we have it covered

Custom Registration Forms

Custom Registration Forms

You can ask for some custom fields during user registration on simple tickets but we also offer full customization

Text Message Tickets

Text Message Tickets

Attendees can receive a text message with their ticket info and so can the event organizer

Check-In Notifications

Check-In Notifications

Attendees can receive a notification message when their ticket gets checked in. Send offers, event maps or more

Custom Printed Event Tickets

Custom Printed Event Tickets

Some times nothing compares to a premium printed ticket that can be used as a souvenir or to reinforce your brand.

Event Website

Easy to use drag and drop event website editor

Custom Domain Name

Get you own custom Domain Name to brand your event website.  You can also connect your existing domain